2024 Studios' First Public Appearance

Welcome, readers, to our humble blog and greetings from our very first post!

As you probably know, we are an indie team with a goal of taking part of building the game industry in our region. Having started only at the end of December, our first public appearance was at the Global Game Jam 2015 to showcase our games so far and introduce our team to the world .
So xD our booth at the Global Game Jam - thank Allah - was what the team likes to think as satisfactory success! We had a wonderful time meeting all those AMAZING people, trying and testing our games and giving us all those helpful feedback (including all those harsh ones... seriously ouch...)! And well, not to mention getting the opportunity to shake hands with the Egyptian Minister of Telecommunication (We want free internet minister :D!). But putting all those things aside, we would like to thank everyone either who tested our game, or supported us or simply stood there looking at our banner :D .

Now let's talk a bit about the jam experience we had! For starters, .. 


The Global Game Jam is mainly the experience of getting a game done in 2 days! Most people - like us - would like getting a check-list down first to act upon (and try to behave like professionals) which of course getting it done is of the utmost, the greatest and most extreme of importance!
  • Laptops charged: Checked
  • Brainstorming: Checked 
  • Junk Food: Checked
  • Coffee: Checked
  • Almost no sleep: Checked
  • Learning and doing new things for the first time in 2 days: Double Checked!
  • Having fun: TRILLION CHECKED! 
You might be thinking: Are you trying to crack a joke? (Um... well... is it that bad?? :| ) But thanks to getting that check list done, we were able to win 2 awards (YEAH !!!! WOHOO :D) . Yup! Our team members split into projects; 1 developer took on the challenge and made a game by herself that won her Microsoft's award. You can try the game, "Keys to Success", here: http://globalgamejam.org/2015/games/keys-success

The rest of the team teamed up with our best friends and wonderful guys and were able to win a grand prize from Instinct Games! The game is called "Ugly pirates", and you can check it out through here: http://globalgamejam.org/2015/games/ugly-pirates

Moreover, both games got the "Golden Buzz" to Microsoft's Imagine cup, meaning that we could compete in the competition in the Games category! One simply can't ask for more than that in a single event.

On a very side note, while it might have seemed like a competition, the spirit of the Global Game Jam isn't like that at all! It's about breaking daily routines and developing the games that YOU want and most importantly of course, about having the fun of a life time!

Thanks every one for your support and your help, we promise you that the best is yet to come! 


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