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Starting off, we would like to wish you a happy Tuesday! May your Friday come fast!

In this post we would like to talk about - and introduce to those who don't already know about it - a certain type or category of games, specifically called "Indie Games".

Indie gamesIf you are a gamer but never heard of indie games, then this post is for you!

So what is "Indie" exactly?

 The "Indie" word comes from "Independent". But still, what does it mean to be "Independent"? Of course, it's a free country, but the word runs deeper than that; it means the game development team works without a publisher for their game, app or project and without  a real financial support.
Games like "Call of Duty" or "Assassin's Creed" don't fall under that category, because they  have a publisher who pays the bills either money for their developers, or for marketing. Most - if not all - have the marketing power so that the game is known and heard of when it is released, and sometimes even way before its release. However, it's not the same for indie games; their pillar support is you and your team, and it majorly runs on your passion and efforts. For those who have so much passion for games and developing games, they choose the path of indie to make game the way they love it.

Actually the "Indie Games" revolution has started a while back. It started so powerful, with games that really reshaped the game industry like: Super Meat Boy, Fez, Journey and Braid.

Super Meat Boy

When you look at those posters, you might probably go all "lame graphics", or "not realistic". While it might be true, the indie games' concept runs on "Things aren't always like what they seem", or "Don't judge a book by its cover". There has been a recent trend of making games look all more realistic, with all the amazing models and high quality graphics. (It's an amazing job, we admit. And not the least bit an easy job at all) However, while the mainstream games are based on that and the game's game-play, indie games are based on ideas.

And when ideas is being said, it doesn't mean just a story or plot-twists. It includes them, of course, but it means the core mechanics - the way you interact and play the game - or the difficulty or creativity of the puzzles in the game. Often, indie games have a hidden message, or a value, that the developing team have been working on how to get it reach the players while they played the game.

So if you haven't played or at least tried those games listed above, GO NOWW !!

And when we said "play", we actually meant: buy it :D ! (plot twist! *Enter dramatic soundtrack*)

In order to keep surviving - as both indie developers and human beings - indies need their games to be sold. Cracking games and pirating might be nice and all for gamers, but - to both indie game developers and major hit game developers - this is plain stealing, both their money and effort. I know it might be shocking to know this for many, especially hardcore gamers, but it's the truth.

But let's hold a second to clarify one MAJOR point .

Indie developers develop games for the fun of it!

They do their best and work hard with low or almost no budget because they simply love games! They try to make games that is innovative and unique, that isn't bounded or restricted to how the publisher wants it to be! They don't do it to get rich or go viral.

They just love it so they do it.

So when you read "2024 Studios is an Indie", you now know who and what exactly we are.. We are just like you, passionate for games. So we're trying to break the walls of reality to turn our passion and our dreams into games, to help shape the game industry in our country and our region, and to express ourselves. 

If you liked the concept and the idea of the Indie games, then surely you will enjoy watching the amazing movie,  Indie Game: the movie! And  as the video description says, "it looks at the underdogs of the video game industry, indie game developers, who sacrifice money, health and sanity to realize their lifelong dreams of sharing their creative visions with the world."

Happy gamin'!


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