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Why you should use "Advanced texture type" more - Unity3D

Welcome unity developers. Let me start with our normal workflow in unity. When we want to add a sprite into the game we just simply drag and drop it into the assets folder and we always remember to change the texture setting to sprite Same if you are using texture or normal map or any other type, you always remember to change texture type to its corresponding one. But let me ask you , how many times have you considered using advanced or actually though about what is its use ?! Don't worry I barely thought about it, not until recently a friend of mine introduced me to series of blog posts ( check the reference below ) from which it came to my mind to apply them to unity and you will see lots of real magic xD. Before we jump in let me clarify few points:  - This is kinda a very long subject so I will split it into series of blog posts .  - What is advanced texture type ? When you choose a texture type what unity do is choose the best setting for your image wh

The journey of Galaxy Rebound: Level design breakdown

Greetings travelers, First let me introduce myself. I'm Ahmed Mohi, the level designer of Galaxy Rebound. I worked with Omar Nash (game designer and programmer) to develop this mobile zen puzzle game. Yup this is us in the photo xD. Okay before we jump in, I think we need to understand the world of the game and the atmosphere we tried to make. The game was built to offer players a relaxing atmosphere, so we tried to minimize unneeded art; we made the background space-like to empower that feeling of calmness one gets when looking at the sky at night. It's also the collaboration of every element in the game to give this atmospheric feeling. My friend Omar used the power of music and sound effects to add more to the overall experience. Every time the main character rebounds from a platform, you get to hear a sound effect with different rhythms that makes the player soothed or welcome to try again, and not annoyed of failing. Why I wrote all this about the wor