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Keys To Success: Greenlight Post-Mortem

Hello everyone! Starting off, after 22 days, we are happy to announce that Keys To Success was greenlit a few weeks ago! We’d really like to thank everyone who supported us, either by voting or spreading the word around or showing us support! We are really grateful for that! Though we are not experts, we felt we wanted to share the little knowledge we have about Steam Greenlight and some ways to getting greenlit. Since we struggled to find online information about tips and tricks to it, we thought we should share our experience in case anyone found it helpful! So, starting off in case you’re not familiar Steam Greenlight, you can check   here   for Valve’s description and FAQ’s about it. Briefly, it’s the community in Steam help pick new games to be released on Steam by voting for it. When a game gets enough votes, it gets greenlit and gets to be published on Steam. Sounds easy enough? Sadly, that’s misleading because the amount of submitted games every day is huge and the