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Tokyo Game Show: The Dos and Donts - Part 1: Preparation

Hello everyone! It’s been so long since the last post! The problem is, one does not simply feel how much time has passed unless he starts writing again. Doesn’t feel to assuring eh? But all that aside, today’s blog is a little bit different to what we normally post about. Though in the end, it’s game-related and – hopefully – educative and useful to the game developers out there. So a few weeks ago, 2024 Studios was able to participate in the Tokyo Game Show with the game “Keys to Success” (yaaaaay!) and it was definitely an educative experience. Briefly, Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is – as stated by Wikipedia - “is a video game expo / convention held annually in September in the Makuhari Messe, in Chiba, Japan.” TGS is one of the biggest gaming events that takes place for 4 days; 2 business days and 2 public days. Since Egypt and primarily the Middle East doesn’t usually hold or organize such big events, we got to commit some numerous mistakes due to our inexperience. As notin